Classes available

The ages for classes may vary depending on dancer qualifications.


Registration Fee:
  • A non-refundable $10 registration fee will be charged to your parent account per student, when you enroll for the season.
  • Leona’s Dance Company holds classes for a 9 month season, starting in September and ending with our annual recital in May. The cost for class is an annual price but for the convenience of our families, we have broken up the payments over 9 month installments. The first installment will be taken out upon registering for the season.
  • Once you have created a parent account, we highly recommend enrolling in AUTO-PAY. This feature will help charge your account automatically every month and keep you up to date on payments. We apply tuition on the 1st of the month.
Price Per Class
30 MIN CLASS = $45 per month
45 MIN CLASS = $50 per month
60 MIN CLASS = $60 per month
  • Leona’s Dance Company will finish the season with our annual recital. Recital week will be take place in mid May. Tickets for this event will be $5 and there must be a $0 balance in  parent account before purchasing tickets.
  • Participation in recital is not required but highly recommended. If you decide not to participate in the recital, please inform Leona’s by December 1st so you do not get charged the costume fee.
  • Costume Fee : $60.00 per student, per class. This will be applied to your account in 2 separate installments. First half will be applied in December and the second half will be applied in March.  This includes alterations and accessories. This does not include shoes or tights.


2022-2023 SCHEDULE